"Bronze 500" Floor Kit

Our best selling, most economic, user friendly epoxy kit.  BGF 500

As low as $290.95

Our "Bronze" level floor kits are a very user friendly water borne epoxy system designed with the do it yourselfer in mind.  Your choice of epoxy colors, decorative chips and clearcoat (either water-borne or solvent base) with enough product to complete a 2 car garage, approx 500 square feet.  Our biggest seller because of ease of application, low odor and versatile enough to be used indoors and in basements.  Even a novice will have professional looking results!  The Bronze 500 kit includes 2-1gl kits of epoxy, 4 lbs of decorative chips and a 1.5 gl kit of high performance clear urethane. 

We also have "prep kits" and "applicator kits" available with the products you need to get the job done right.


First things first:

The following is a basic guide only.  Prior to any painting, the concrete floor needs to be checked for moisture and the presence of a concrete sealer.

Tape down a 4’x4’ piece of plastic to the floor and allow to remain in place overnight.  If beads of water appear on the plastic, there is a potential moisture problem.  Coatings will not properly dry and cure with moisture migrating through the concrete.

Check for a concrete sealer.  Sprinkle the concrete in a small area with water.  If the water remains beaded and does not soak into the concrete within a few minutes, this could indicate the presence of a sealer on the surface.  Acid etching will not remove sealers, in this case the concrete must be grinded or shot blasted for the epoxy coating to gain adhesion.  Floor grinders can be rented at your local hardware or big box retailer. 

If no moisture and concrete sealer is detected, you may proceed to preparing the floor for the epoxy coating.  

BARE CONCRETE:  The floor must be clean and free from all oils, grease and other contaminants.  The use of SCI Liquid Cleaner/Degreaser is recommended to clean to surface following the recommended dilution ratios. 

Once the floor is clean, proceed with the etching process.  Concrete can be etched with muriatic acid purchased from your local hardware store or SCI Liquid Concrete Etch.  Dampen concrete and apply the etching solution with a with a sprinkling can.  Pour uniformly onto surface and scrub in with a stiff bristle brush.  Wait for approximately 5-10 minutes or until the concrete stops bubbling.  Thoroughly rinse surface with pressure nozzle and a bristle broom to remove all traces of the etching product.  Check the surface, it should feel roughened similar to an 80 grit sandpaper.  If not, repeat the etching process.  (We recommend a solution of 1lb of baking soda to 5 gals of water or TSP to insure the surface is neutralized.)  Allow surface to thoroughly dry 24-48 hours. 


Clean a small area and apply a test patch of the new coating to insure it does not lift existing.  Clean surface thoroughly with SCI Liquid Cleaner/Degreaser or equivalent.   Glossy surfaces should be dulled by light sanding or abrasive pad on a floor scrubber.  Surface must be clean, dry and free of all contaminates prior to painting.