Decorative Vinyl Chips - Popular Blends


Decorative Vinyl Chips enhance your high performance floor by adding custom color and texture to compliment any decor. Our extensive line of 1/4" vinyl chips gives you the ability to custom design blends to match any color-scheme.  Either choose from one of our signature blend designs or creatively mix and match colors to develop a unique color array the best fits your project.

Sold in 1 lb increments

About the chips…

 Decorative vinyl color chips are actually polymer paint aggregates made up of a combination of acrylic and vinyl resins.  This creates a thin flake that is 4 – 5 mils in thickness, U.V. stable, and are available in many custom colors.  The ¼” flake is the most common size used and what we recommend.

Colors can be blended together to create a particular look and then applied at a coverage that is determined by you.  Typical coverage rates are light, medium, heavy, and full.  As a tip, it’s always wise to err on the side of caution and get a little more than what you think you need when purchasing them.

One thing to keep in mind when determining your color choices is the base color of your floor.  Grays and tans are the most common base floor colors, but you can do off whites and other colors as well.  If you are doing a full coverage floor, also known as full refusal (this is when you apply the color flakes until the entire floor is covered and they will not stick anymore), then the base coat of your floor will not matter.

Assuming the average 1 car garage is approximately 250 sq ft., we recommend:

  • Light coverage:  1 - 1 ½ lbs per 250 sq ft
  • Medium coverage: 2 - 2 ½ lbs per 250 sq ft
  • Heavy coverage:  3 – 4 lbs per 250 sq ft
  • Full coverage:   25 lbs per 250 sq ft
  • Keep in mind these industry numbers are approximate and results can vary with application.  We always recommend having extra on hand in case you run short.

Decorative vinyl color chips are always applied during the application of the base coat or color coat of your epoxy coating.  It is then followed up with a top coat or two of clear epoxy, polyurethane or a clear polyaspartic.  Although you may have some surface texture from the chips it will not increase the anti-slip properties much more than a smooth surface.  We strongly recommend using our Slip Resistant Additive in the clear coat. 

Application of the chips…

Begin painting your floor. After painting approximately 25-30 sq ft., begin applying the chips.  It is easiest to pour the chips into an empty bucket.  Grab a handful and with your arm extended toss them underhand up into the air.  This allows for the color flakes to disperse much better as they arc up into the air and then back down to the ground.  Do not toss the flakes at the floor.  This will create dense spots that spread out in a “V” shaped pattern and are hard to correct for. Continue this process of painting and tossing chips until the floor is covered.

When done, you should have quite a bit of loose flakes on the floor that were not able to reach the coating to stick.  Once the floor is dry and ready for the top coat you will need to remove any color flakes that did not adhere to the floor or are sticking up in the air.  The easiest way to do this is to sweep the floor with a stiff bristle push broom followed by vacuuming or using a leaf blower to remove any loose chips.  You are now ready to apply your clear coat.