Defthane Interior/Exterior Polyurethane is an oil modified urethane that gives the most professional results on a wide variety of wood surfaces. Defthane provides added protection from water, sun and wind damage. This advanced formula contains both UV absorbers and UV inhibitors to deliver excellent ultraviolet protection and help to prevent fading and discoloration caused by the damaging effects of the sun. Defthane is ideal for stained or bare wood surfaces and ideal for wood doors, interior floors, furniture, trim, garage doors, marine applications and more.

Proven Durability

• Protects against rain, sun and wind damage

• Excellent ultraviolet protection

• Resists abrasion and common household chemicals

• Enhances finished or unfinished wood Plenty of Uses Defthane provides durability and protection to a wide variety of interior and exterior surfaces.

It’s ideal for: • Interior Floors • Doors • Furniture • Cabinets • Trim • Metals • “Above waterline” marine applications