Deft® Clear Wood Finish Waterborne is an interior self cross-linking acrylic that embodies the quality of the Clear Wood Finish Brushing Lacquer in a water based formula. Today’s professionals and DIYers alike continue to appreciate the ease of use, excellent durability and mar resistance. Clear Wood Finish Waterborne is ideal for stained or bare wood surfaces including furniture, doors, cabinets, trim, paneling and molding. Dries to the touch in 30 minutes Cleans up with soap and water Low odor Resists yellowing over time Resists alcohol - fruit juice - water and other common household spills


Proven Durability

• Self-leveling formula for easy application

• Resists abrasion and marring

• Crystal clear finish

• Enriches finished or unfinished wood

• Resists common household chemicals Plenty of Uses Deft Clear Wood Finish Waterborne seals, finishes and provides a rich luster to many interior wood surfaces (except floors).

It’s ideal for: • Doors • Furniture • Cabinets • Paneling • Trim •

Use on Rosewoods and other exotic hardwoods