Flood Pro Series Acrylic Resurfacer



Provides a barefoot friendly texture* that enhances the look of worn or weather wood and concrete. Designed for application on aged, rough concrete and structurally sound weathered wood (decks, stairs, posts, railings, and more); retaining walls; as well as, new concrete surfaces cured for 30 days and new wood. It is formulated to fill cracks up to ¼”.

  • Fills cracks up to ¼” and locks down splinters
  • Slip-resistant finish
  • Provides a mildew, mold and algae-resistant finish
  • Water repellent
  • Self-priming, two coats required
  • Easy soap and water cleanup
  • Tints to over 120 colors

Application Options

  • High-quality brush or roller with 1/2" nap

Application Tips

  • Using light and even pressure, apply product to a few boards or a few square feet at a time, keeping a wet edge to avoid lap marks.
  • For cupped, cracked or warped boards, drive product into cracks by rolling across the narrow width as well as the length of the board.
  • Lightly brush any product that drips between the boards.
  • Back-brush after rolling for a smoother appearance.


  • Clean tools with warm, soapy water.

Important Notes

  • Wear safety glasses
  • DO NOT APPLY TO: Wood that is rotted or loose, garage doors, driveways or any other area with vehicular traffic; submerged surfaces such as ponds, fountains or swimming pools; interior concrete surfaces.
  • Not recommended for whole-house vertical surfaces such as stucco or wood siding. Please use caution when applying around aquatic habitats, to avoid spills.
  • Avoid heavy use for 30 days to allow full cure to a hard finish.
  • Flood Resurfacer is for exterior use only; do not use it indoors.

Weather Requirements

  • DO NOT APPLY IF EITHER OF THESE CONDITIONS ARE EXPECTED WITHIN 24 HOURS OF EACH COAT, as product will not cure properly and peeling will result:
    • Temperature is expected to fall below 50° F (10° C)
    • Rain is expected.
  • Do not apply if air or surface temperature is above 90° F (32° C).
  • Avoid staining in direct sunlight.