Interlux Schooner Gold Varnish



New Schooner Gold high build, high-gloss varnish replaces traditional Interlux Schooner varnish. Schooner Gold features an optimized blend of premium UV absorbers, HALS and resins to ensure exceptional deep gloss and color retention over the lifetime of the coating.

This high gloss yacht varnish was developed with a traditional amber hue, and tests have proven the gloss retention of Schooner Gold to outperform other leading varnish products.

Features higher build properties and improved self-leveling than the previous 'Schooner' product, allowing you to achieve a professional finish in 4-6 coats; sanding only between every other coat and therefore reducing your work time. With this new formulation there is no need for thinning in warm and higher temperature climates.