MIL-PRF-85825E, Type I, Class H, 
Polyurethane Coating for Aircraft and Support Equipment

Type I of this polyurethane coating is intended for use on aircraft weapons systems and other applications. The combination of all properties of MIL-PRF-85285; component; liquid; cured coating; resistance; mixing; application; cleanability; strippability; along with the composition and solvent content provide the necessary requirements for a polyurethane coating used in the extremes of the naval aviation environment. There are no commercial equivalents that meet the combination of all properties of MIL-PRF-85285.

Specialty Coatings is excited to offer the recently released MIL-PRF-85285E, Type I, class H in aerosol cans. We can supply 2-component, single use, aerosol cans that are qualified to the specification in all gloss levels and most colors of the Fed Std 595 color chart. The aerosol can is capable of touching up 12-20 square feet of surface area.

Sold in case lots of 6 aerosol cans (400 ml)

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