SUN PROOF® Exterior House and Trim Flat Latex 100% Acrylic

PPG 72-110


Sun Proof Exterior House and Trim Flat Latex is specifically formulated to meet the performance requirements of the residential and commercial markets. The 100% acrylic formula provides excellent durability, mildew resistance on the paint film, low temperature application and adhesion.Sun Proof Exterior House and Trim Flat Latex can be used on properly prepared and primed new and previously painted exterior siding, doors, trim and windows

100% acrylic latex formula Excellent longevity and overall durability
Thick, full-bodied application Smooth application, minimizes drips and runs
Excellent adhesion Minimizes cracking and peeling
Provides a mildew-resistant coating Inhibits the growth of mildew on the surface of the paint film
Durable, tough finish Resists chipping providing long lasting beauty
Application down to 35°F (2°C) Extends the painting season
SidingSafe™ Color Technology Expands color options

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