Amercoat 370 Epoxy

Amercoat AT370


Amercoat 370 is a high performance, corrosion resistant fast dry epoxy.  This multi-purpose epoxy is self priming, high build and suitable for immersion in fresh and salt water.  Available in 4 colors, in short filled single and  5 gl containers, just add the activator.  Amercoat 370 is user friendly and can be applied by a variety of spray applications.

* Requires the use of an activcator. See Related Products

Product Data/Application Instructions

  •  High performance, corrosion resistance
  •  Fast drying, fast curing epoxy composition
  •  Application over wide range of surface temperatures from
  •  20°F (-7°C) to 120°F (60°C)
  •  Self-priming, high-build coating
  •  Primer for wide range of topcoats
  •  Excellent shop primer for corrosion resistance
  •  Compatible with inorganic zinc silicate primers
  •  No lead pigments added
  •  VOC compliant
  •  Suitable for immersion in fresh and salt water
  •  Compatible with compromised surface preparation

Amercoat 370 forms an excellent corrosion barrier and is
suitable for most industrial and marine new construction,
repair, and field maintenance applications.The fast curing properties of Amercoat 370 make it especially beneficial as a shop-applied coating where fast-drying and handling of coated parts are required. Amercoat 370 is user-friendly and can be applied by a variety of
spray application methods.

Typical Uses
Tank exteriors, structural steel, and piping in chemical plants,
refineries, pulp and paper mills, offshore platforms, ship hulls,
ballast tank service, anticorrosive under antifoulings and other
structures exposed to severe weathering or salt spray.

Refer to TDS for more information