PPG Seal Grip Interior Premium Quick Dry Primer/Sealer

PPG 17-964


Seal Grip Premium Quick Dry Primer/Sealer is an excellent, fast drying, interior, pigmented, stain killing, vinyl toluene primer/sealer. It is used for spot priming and sealing bare or previously painted wood, plaster, hardboard and drywall (spot priming only on bare drywall). Seal Grip Premium Quick Dry Primer/Sealer is recommended for sealing materials that may bleed into the finish paint such as water soluble stains and sap streaks on cedar and redwood siding, charred or smoke contaminated wood and walls, crayon, ink, lipstick, grease stains, etc.

Excellent stain blocking Prevents finish discoloration
Very fast drying Allows fast recoating
Easy to sand Saves labor
Easy application Saves time
Good hiding Saves money/requires less material