Pure Performance® Interior Semi-Gloss Latex

PPG 9-500


Pure Performance Interior Semi-Gloss Latex is formulated to provide excellent hiding and application properties in addition to low odor, zero VOC*’s, and anti-microbial properties - a mold/mildew resisting compound has been incorporated in this paint to make the dry paint film mildew resistant.

Ideal for use in occupied areas such as: hotel/motel resort properties, nursing homes, homes, schools, government facilities, retail space, office buildings, hospitals, and apartments.

See PPG Voice of Color link for available colors.




100% acrylic latex

Excellent durability, washable finish

Zero VOC*

Meets the most stringent VOC* regulations nationwide

Low spatter

Easy to work with, less mess

Antimicrobial properties

Resists mold and mildew on the paint film

Recommended Uses:

Concrete/Masonry Block


Ferrous Metal


Gypsum Wallboard-Drywall

Refer to TDS for more information