Speedhide Interior Enamel Latex Eggshell

PPG 6-411


Our best professional interior latex eggshell is formulated to meet the performance requirements of professional applicators. SPEEDHIDE Interior Enamel Latex Eggshell is designed as a high hiding product when applied by brush, roller or spray. This low VOC, low odor paint enables a space to be painted while occupied while delivering the durable product performance required. The quick dry allows faster recoat and provides a uniform, washable eggshell finish on interior walls, ceilings and trim surfaces. Additionally, the High Build White product (6-421) has 42% volume solids allowing a thicker film build. Recommended for all interior walls, ceilings, and trim where a washable, durable latex eggshell finish is desirable. Use on properly prepared and primed or previously painted drywall, plaster, masonry, wood, and metal surfaces.

See PPG Voice of Color link for available colors.



  • High Hiding
  • Scrubbable
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Block Resistant
  • Smooth, Semi-Gloss Finish
  • Soap & Water Clean-Up
  • MPI Approval in category #54, Inte
  • rior Latex Semi-Gloss, Gloss
  • Level 5
  • MPI Approval in category #141, Interior High Performance Latex,
  • Gloss Level 5
  • Can earn LEED NC Version 2.2 Credits

Refer to TDS for more information