Wall Supreme™ Interior Flat High Build Wall and Ceiling Paint

PPG 2-110


A professional high build interior flat latex paint formulated to meet the performance requirements of professional applicators. Wall Supreme™ Interior Flat High Build Latex is designed as an excellent hiding latex with excellent touch up properties. This product has exceptional performance at 4 wet mils. It can be applied as a high build product @ 12 wet mils, however, recoat window needs to be extended to 24 hours when used as a high build product. It dries to a dead flat finish to help hide tape joints and surface imperfections. Wall Supreme™ Interior Flat High Build Latex provides a uniform, flat finish on interior walls, ceilings and trim surfaces. Recommended for use on properly prepared wallboard, wood, and cured plaster. It is designed for new construction, commercial and residential repaint.

See PPG Voice of Color link for available colors.


Superior touch up properties Reduces labor expense
high hiding Provides superior surface coverage
dead flat finish Provides uniform finished appearance
low spatter Less cleanup on the job
Outstanding scrub resistance @ 4.0 wet mils Withstands repeated cleaning
Self-priming on drywall Can reduce the need for multiple coats
Can earn USGBC LEED® 2009 credits Contributes to sustainable design