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Highland™ Masking Tape 2727

Highland™ Masking Tape 2727

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Highland™ Masking Tape 2727 is a high-density, tear-resistant automotive masking tape that provides excellent adhesion. Its rubber-based adhesive is part of a balanced construction featuring a smooth, heat and solvent resistant crepe paper backing that removes cleanly. This tape provides consistent unwind and easy tearing to reduce worktimes.
How Masking Tape Lowers Collision Repair Costs
Ideal for collision repair applications, Highland™ Masking Tape 2727 is built with a balanced construction to help lower costs associated with tape removal and rework. Its rubber-based adhesive sticks instantly to a variety of surfaces, and resists curling and lifting during the masking and painting processes. What's more, it resists adhesive transfer, virtually eliminating cleanup time and added labor.

Easy to Use for a Variety of Jobs
Highland™ Masking Tape 2727 is also very easy to apply. Its construction provides a very controlled unwind for fast application with less product waste. Smooth, high-density crepe paper ensures consistent surface contact. This paper backing also makes the tape highly conformable, with good stretch for excellent protection against paint seepage and overspray.

Balanced Construction for an Effective Masking Tape
The tape is constructed to resist solvents and moisture, greatly reducing the possibility of rework due to bleed-through. It also resists heat — it can withstand bake temperatures up to 250°F (121°C) for one hour, making it suitable for use in masking applications involving paint booths. The masking tape is easy to tear when you need it to, yet it resists tearing during removal for easy and efficient handling before and after the masking job.
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