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This specification covers sealing compounds for use in threaded and fixed mechanical joints in equipment powered by steam or gas at temperatures up to 950 degrees Fahrenheit (deg. F) and pressure of 1200 pounds per square inch.  Packaged in quarts.

The United States Government, along with many industries world wide, has proven this item an unequaled sealing agent. Wherever a packing is required against pressure, heat, cold, gases, acids, Freon, oil, benzene or gasoline,  For sealing threads, flanges and other fittings exposed to high temperature and pressure, this item is unexcelled.

  • Effective in temperature range from -315° F to 1500° F.
  • Cures quickly when heat of at least 300° F is applied.
  • Possesses Anti-seize properties for very high temperature applications
  • Low shrinkage and coefficient of expansion.
  • Easy separation of joints after extended use at extremely high temperature and/or pressure.
  • Resists most chemicals.  Used on lines containing steam, ammonia, hydrocarbons, refrigerants, hydraulic fluids, propane, brine, acids, and mild alkalis.
  • Adheres to metals, ceramics, rubber and most plastics.
  • Withstands severe vibrations and thermal shock.
  • Completely meets Navy test requirements for use on marine turbines at 1200 PSI and 950° F (MIL-S-15204D).

NSN: 8030-00-246-0932     Quart packaging

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