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Pre-Prime 167 Epoxy Penetrating Sealer

Pre-Prime 167 Epoxy Penetrating Sealer

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A 100% solids epoxy sealer that improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the maintenance painting process by penetrating and sealing crevices, joints, back-to-back angles of existing structures, and edges of old coatings, improving the service life of the maintenance system. Also serves to seal aged “white rusted” zinc surfaces for recoating. Recommended for rusty steel when environmental economic or safety concerns restrict abrasive blast cleaning. The extraordinary penetrating properties of Pre-Prime 167 provide a means of reinforcing rusty steel substrates, ensuring adhesion of subsequent coatings. Equally effective at penetrating, reinforcing and sealing concrete and masonry surfaces in all industrial environments.

NSN 8010-01-537-3915



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